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BEST's production of Graham Swannell's

A State of Affairs was produced to great acclaim at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, London.


A State of Affairs: 'Stuttgart'
David Hampshire & Susan Grimshaw

We presented a revival of the play at the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, London in July 2009. The production was directed by Kenn Michaels and the cast included Timothy Bentinck (David Archer in BBC's The Archers.)


Commitment and betrayal lie at the heart of this entertaining and perceptive comment on human foibles. The play takes the form of four unrelated one-act stories, the cast of three actors and two actresses assuming thirteen different characters in total. It offers a thought-provoking insight into relationships that should not be missed.

What the papers said ...

''An intelligent play that treats its themes of marriage and adultery with a moving and unforgettable passion...''

Jonathan Mann, Guardian

''These four pieces are full of pitiless observation and compassionate hilarity...''

John Peter, Sunday Times

''Some of the most acutely observed dialogue I have ever heard - this play should be seen...''

Alan J. Lerner, Lyricist


A State of Affairs:  'The Day of the Dog'
David Hampshire, David Sergeant & Steven Brough

''The play revolves around infidelity, real and threatened, in an insightful exploration of marriage that is by turns extremely funny and deeply moving ...''

''This terrific drama about marital conflict is witty and entertaining, but often far from comfortable; many of the funniest lines alternate with pitiless barbs ...''

''Graham Swannell's dialogue unerringly captures human nature. This is writing and performance of the highest order ... ''

''David Hampshire opens the evening in 'Stuttgart' with the delivery of a 12 minute monologue that displays masterful comic timing ...''

''Sue Grimshaw, a versatile actress who tackles roles of drop-dead sexiness (Stuttgart) and frustrated boredom (Commitment) with equal success''.

A State of Affairs: 'Commitment'
Susan Grimshaw & David Hampshire

'' David Hampshire has his work cut out playing the central role in each of the four plays, yet he imbues his four married men with complete individuality. His is a remarkably skilful and energised performance that bears witness to a deft comic touch''.

''The impassioned delivery of Melanie Nicholson at her lovers rejection in the second play, 'Consequences', unleashes an anger that, at its peak, has the audience holding its breath''.

''This fluent production, excellently directed by original West End cast member, Lee Walker, is set to be a resounding and well-deserved success''.

A State of Affairs: 'Consequences'
David Hampshire & Melanie Nicholson

''In 'Consequences', as the accusations fly and the illusions crumble, the electric charge between the actors is as spellbinding as it is palpable''.

Heather Lockwood, Camden Journal


A State of Affairs: 'Consequences'
David Hampshire & Melanie Nicholson



Illustration by Max India for BEST's production of

A STATE OF AFFAIRS in London in 2009.

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